Voces Rebeldes #13 (Explosión Bandas Locales de España Vol.1)

Andalucia Punk Conciertos en Andalucia
Andalucia Punk Conciertos en Andalucia

Voces Rebeldes

Voces Rebeldes Xlll

(Explosión Bandas Locales de España Vol.1)

Podcast especializado en el sonido PUNK, (Podcast/Punk) Ivoox, daremos un repaso desde los inicios del género, pasando por grandes bandas, bombazos que nunca lo fueron y tendencias de nuestros días….lo presenta el amigo Manu , Manu Arias Garcia vocalista de Mala Sangre streetpunk.

Voces Rebeldes Canadá Punk #Xll

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Hoy estamos por Canadá estos son los temas de hoy…
1.-The skulls-Fucked Up Baby
2.-D O A-The Prisioner
3.-Sub Humans-Big Brother
4.-Slander-House of the rising Sun
5.-The Viletones-Screaming fist
6.-Nomeansno-It’s catching up
7.-Young Lions-Young Amerika
8.-Direct action-1984
10.-Society’s Grudge-Anti Police Squad
11.-Capitalist Alineation-Braindead
12.-Downcity-Suicidal Eyes
13.-Fraticide->Final Solution
14.-Youth Youth Youth-Domination
15.-Bunchofuckingoofs – Aidsaphobia
16.-The Prowlers-Oi! Against Racism
17.-Street Troopers-Take the battle to the streets
18-Broadcast Zero-Revolution
19.-Farler’s fury – pockets
20.-The Lancasters – Lights Out

Voces Rebeldes #Xl Italia Punk

Voces Rebeldes #10 Colombia Punk

Voces Rebeldes #9  U.S.A Punk (Parte l)

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1.-The stooges-I wanna be your dog
2.-new york dolls-personality crisis
3.-Social Distortion-Story of my life
4.-The whores of babylion-two hearts
5.-black flag-my war
6.-Circle jercks-Live Fast Die young
7.-Adolescents-I Hate Children
8.-Suicidal Tendencies-Subliminal
9.-The Press-Revolution now
10.-Agnostic Front-Gotta Go
11.-Avail-Scuffle Town
12.-The Avengers-Where are the one
13.-Bad Brains-Right brigade
14.-kickers Boys-I don’t Scare
15.-Bhopal Stiffs-Bottle It Up
17.-Cardiac Kidz-breakout
18.-Christ on Parade-Teach your children Well
19.-Dead Kennedys-Nazi punk fuck off
20.-Destroy!-Stop Thinking
21.-Dresden 45-Dresden45
22.-Isocracy-Bedtime for Isocracy
23.-MDC-Million Dead Cops

VOCES REBELDES ( Brasil Punk ) Capitulo #8


VOCES REBELDES ( Finlandia Punk) Capitulo #7

VOCES REBELDES ( África Punk) Capitulo #6

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1.-Power Age-World War III
2.-A.W.O.L-We Want A Revolution
3.-Wild Youth-Radio Youth
4.-Riot Squad S.A-Security System
5.-National Wake-Black Punk Rockers
6.-Corporal Punishment-Darky
7.-Gay Marines-Your Gen makes me sick
8.-WarsPike-Terrorist attack
9.-VOD-Cruel Silence
10.-Surf or Die-Rocking in Durban 1988
11.-Mental Junto-Greater Good
12.-Ultra White Lovers-Girls who love me
13.-Skelm Helm-The End
14.-Sleeping at the potatoes-The new south punk
15.-Brain Cell-Hate religion
16-TDKM-Blind y Deceived
17.-False Pretence-Cradle Of Democracy
18-The sunday Punchers-Whale Fishers

VOCES REBELDES ( Japan Punk) Capitulo #5

Hoy Ponemos……

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1.-The Stalin-No Fun
3.-Gism-Shoot to kill
4.-Lip Cream-Eikaku Na Mirai
5.-Kyah-I am Bitch or not
6.-The Nurse-???
7.-The Blue Hearts-Linda Linda
8.-Freedom-Last Revolution
9.-Weedy Eggs-Weedy Eggs
10.-T.V.Y Flak-Go Ahead
11.-Dead Cops-I hate work- beath to the rich
12.-Beardsley-Bandit Boy
13.-The Vomits- Death on the beach
14.-Acid-Emperor shit
15.-Cockney Cocks-Lost Child
16.-Cobra-Tokio Riot
17.-Bad Vultures-Nuclear Power
18.-Discocks-Voice of youth

Programa podcast, apoyo a la Agenda de conciertos en Andalucía. QConciertos.es,

VOCES REBELDES (Suecia Punk) Capitulo #4

Voces Rebeldes (Le France Punk)#3

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Hoy Ponemos……
1.-Gazoline – Killer man (1977)
2.-warm gun – broken windows (1977)
3.-Electrochoc – Chaise électrique (1978)
4.-LES OLIVENSTEINS euthanasie 1979
5.-Strychnine – Ex.Bx (1980)
6.-DOGS : nineteen
7.-Camera Silens – Classe Criminelle
8.-RAS – France Profonde
9.-Trotskids Gueule d’enfer
10.-MOPO MOGO-Fuck Off(1983)
11.-L’infanterie Sauvage-Les Poings Levés mais les poings liés
12.-No Class – Rien à Faire
13.-LES CADAVRES – No Pasaran
15.-Komintern Sect – Barcelone 1936
16.-Sub Kids – Against the law
17.-Panik – Ballade pour un shoot (1983)
18.-Les sheriff – J’aime jouer avec le feu
19.-Berurier Noir-La Jeunesse Emmerde le Front National
21.-BANLIEUE ROUGE – otage de l’état.wmv

Voces Rebeldes (La 2ª Ola UK´82)#2

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Hoy Ponemos……

Pincha aquí para oír el audio del primer programa

Agradecer a Hota Sur miembro de 3 de bastos el haber hecho que este podcast se haga posible y a los tipos de South Punk el apoyo incondicional a la causa…larga vida.

Hoy Ponemos……

1 The Stooges – I Wanna be your dog- 1969
2 MC5 – Kick out the jama
3 The Dammed – New Rose
4 The Clash – Capital Radio
5 Cock Sparrer – Taken for a Ride
6 The Adicts – Distortion
7 999 – I´m Alive
8 The Rezillos – Destoantion Venus
9 Blondie X Offender
10 Richard Hell y The Voidoids – You Gotta Lose
11 The Misfits – Cough Cool & She
12 Discharge – I Don´t Care
13 The Skids – Charles
14 Crass – End Result
15 Slaughter and the Dogs – Where all the boot boys gone
16 Rich Kids – Empty Words
17 The Lukers – Total Dar
18 Cockney Rejects – Flares and Slippers
19 UK.Subs – Warhead
20 New York Dolls – Private World
21 If the Kids Are United.

Programa podcast, apoyo a la Agenda de conciertos en Andalucía. QConciertos.es

Disfruta de la cultura musical, apoya sus bandas, su gente, compra tu entrada, sus trabajos, su «merchang» y si no….pues ponle los cuernos…☠️☠️??????????????ON THE ROAD


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